Figure Skater’s Spine-Tingling Routine to ‘Hallelujah’ Goes Viral

Figure skating can be traced back to the 19th century. It was called figure skating due to the figures left by the ice skaters once they are done showing their incredible moves on the ice. The first official ice skating competition occurred in 1891 in Hamburg, Germany while the first-ever World Championship happened in 1986 and it’s won by Gilbert Fuchs. At that time, only men were allowed to join the competition. We had to wait a few more years before the first woman could enter and join the competition. As the years go by, women definitely proved that they are a key participant in this type of competition.

Taryn Jurgensen is one of those women. At the age of 18, she already showed the world what she’s capable of. In the 2010 Los Angeles Showcase in Burbank, California, Taryn provided an incredible winning performance by sliding and gliding on ice in the song Hallelujah sang by Alexandra Burke.


The performance that has been uploaded by Taryn on her Youtube account already garnered 23 million views. Many people fell in love with her stunning and striking performance. Most of them were in awe of the gracefulness and skills shown by Jurgensen. According to the video’s description, the elegant and mesmerizing moves were choreographed by Karen Kwan-Oppegard who is an elite figure skater herself.


Others even noted that the song Hallelujah perfectly showcased the captivating moves of Taryn. The song, which was originally sung by Leonard Cohen in 1984 provided an added emotional impact to the extremely powerful moves of Taryn Jurgensen. Even I had goosebumps while I watched the video.

You can see it for yourself by watching the video below:

Just last year, she shared another beautiful performance in honor of the courageous women who voiced out their experiences in sexual harassment and abuse by dancing in the song Praying by Kesha. It’s amazing how she uses her talent by raising awareness of her advocacies.