Florida Starbucks Steps Up To The Plate For The Deaf Community.

I would like to Apologize, the person that posted the video did not enable captions.

For anyone with a hearing loss, a drive-thru is a frustrating experience. For those with severe or profound hearing loss it has always been a test. Is the cashier going to get upset as you pull up to the window to order? Are they going to understand and get the order correct or am I going to have to come back in the building? Will I be asked to leave the drive-thru and come inside(YES, THAT DOES HAPPEN). Well, at one Starbucks in Florida things have changed and members of the Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing community are cheering!

The question many are asking; how soon will other franchises follow suite? Why has it taken this long for it to happen? Video technology has been available for some time now. Video Relay services have been available to the deaf for years. We can order pizza on our smart phones. What will the future look like to the deaf customer pulling up to a drive-thru? Finally, will the price of customer service come before the CEO’s bottom line? Bravo to this Starbuck’s for opening the door. Now, let’s take the ball and run with it.