Forget About Waldo – I Bet You Can’t Find The Cat Hidden In These Pictures!

There’s nothing better to distract you from what every you should be doing right now than searching for impossibly hidden kitties. We have all played Where’s Waldo … well, think of this as the “Boss Level” of that game. Let’s get started!

1. King of the Laundry

Image via Playbuzz


That was easy enough right? Well, it was just a practice one. Things are about to get much more complicated. I promise!

2. Scrap Metal Houdini

Image via 22 Words


Even with this little bugger circled I can barely see him. I told you they would get harder!

3. The Clay Walker


P.S. The title for number three was a country music reference…I’m still laughing! I crack myself up!

4. Nappy Roots


So it’s official now, and after all the eye straining you just did I’m sure you agree: cats are the new chameleons. My score was a measly 2/4. How many did you find?

H/T 22 Words 

Featured Image Via Twitter