Full Throttle Cockatoo: Bird Is Told to Go to Her Cage, Throws Glorious Tantrum

All day long, my husband and I watch videos to find good stuff to share with our readers. We work side by side every day and treat our workday in our home office exactly the same as we would if we were working in a high-rise office building. In short, what I’m trying to say is that we don’t distract or bug each other. Seriously, hardly ever. Usually. However, I saw something recently that caused me to stop everything I was doing and ask my hubby do stop what he was doing, too. When Joe saw this video, he shouted and laughed out loud in astonishment.

Pebble is a cockatoo who shares a unique bond with her beloved human companion, Kelly. Apparently, on this one specific day, she wasn’t inclined to comply with his requests, and in fact, it’s readily apparent that his request that she go in her cage royally pissed Pebble off. I promise you, you’ve never heard any human curse like this. Girlfriend cut LOOSE. Joe even said, “she’s more profane than a New York City cab driver!” Indeed.


Pebble has had a lot of homes, unfortunately. The thing is, these special birds can live to be up to 90-100 years old, often outliving their human companions. Pebble has lived in 10 different homes over the course of the past 20 years. This has to be stressful for a bird since these incredible birds bond with the people they live with. According to Kelly, Pebble knows not to curse, but well…a girl has to let it out when she’s irritated, you know? And no one likes being told what to do, after all.


In the video below, you’ll definitely hear Pebble dropping the F-bomb, but she actually says lots of other stuff, too. Listen at 1:50 for “I certainly do! Ya I do! F*cking around up there looking at f*cking marrying me but tell me who’s marrying you? I just like rock and roll.” Then, at 2:43, Kelly asks, “Do you have an attitude, Pebble?” Pebble responds with “Ya! That’s right! The f*cking veterinarian!” Enjoy this epic cockatoo freakout.

Want more Pebble? You can follow her on Facebook or subscribe to her YouTube panel. She’s much beloved by the YouTube community and it’s easy to see why. She’s a confident beautiful girl!

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