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Furry Pizza Thief Catches House On Fire (VIDEO)

You never know what you will catch on your home security camera, and stories like this will give you just one more reason to invest in one.

A family in Connecticut decided to have a quiet night at home, complete with a pizza and movie. Brookfield, the families two-year-old lab, decided that she wanted to join in the fun.

While her family was watching the movie, she tries to steal a piece of pizza off of the gas stove. Unfortunately, after she gets a slice her paw hits the stove knob, which ignited one of the pies.

Image via Daily Mail.

It’s not long before the box is fully engulfed in flames. After only a few more minutes, the family notices the smoke smell in the house and jumps into action.

The father immediately grabs the pizza box from the stove, tosses it to the ground, and throws a nearby cup of water on it to extinguish the flames. While the father takes care of the fire, the mother is quick to turn off the gas to the stove, making sure the other box doesn’t get ignited.

Image via Daily Mail.

While this was a terrible scare for the family, they know it could have been a lot worse. Since they had home security cameras, they were able to quickly and easily identify exactly what happened in the kitchen that day. They have since put child locks on the stove knobs to prevent any further accidents. They also decided they would no longer leave anything unattended on the stove.

Food for thought: Next time you eat pizza, make sure to give the dog a bite.

Featured image via The Blog Rules.

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