Gangster Crab Ain’t Havin’ It

Humans are no match for this knife-wielding crab, who was probably on his way to the beach when someone got in his way.

In a clip that’s made its way around the internet, a green-shelled crab clings tightly to a blue kitchen knife in an outdoor setting. While there’s no reason given for him holding the utensil, it’s doubtful he was about to chop up some veggies.

Unless the Food Network now has competitions featuring animals.

The poor crustacean, who was just minding his own business on a city sidewalk, has been rudely pushed up against a wall by a man. The man then proceeds to verbally attack the little guy and attempt to disarm him of the kitchen knife.

As one would expect, the sea creature is a fraction of the man’s size. It doesn’t stop him from waiving the sharp object in the man’s face, though.

At no point during the clip does the crab back down. Proving it’s really what’s on the inside that counts, this tiny guy sends one resounding message to the man behind the camera: don’t mess with me.

He then makes its way around the corner of a building while viewers see the man repeatedly try to snatch the knife, but the crab just continues to wave it at him. Taunting and teasing him like a fool.

One can’t help but feel pity for the crab as the man continues to encroach on its space. His little claws instinctively defend itself by waiving the knife back and forth, his body saying:

“Just you try and take my knife!”

It’s a reminder that big things often come in small packages.

At a mere 36 seconds, it’s unknown what happens next. Does the man give up and walk away, or does he snatch the dangerous weapon out of the little guy’s claw?

The world may never know.

Featured Image via screenshot from YouTube video