GIANT Sandwiches And Pizza Spheres – Totally Unique Recipes From The ‘Hellthy’ Junk Food Team

If you often say “I could eat a horse,” than these recipes will be right up your alley. Everything is supersized at HellthyJunkFood channel.

Here we have a few mouthwatering recipes that can fill your belly no matter how starving you get. So take a look at these recipes, and maybe even try some of them.

But beware of calories, those pesky creatures that sneak into your closet at night and shrink your clothes.


Grab some bagel bites, mozzarella cheese wrap it in dough and you are on your way to make this GIANT pizza sphere.

For the second layer, add some fried sausage and bacon. Wrap it up with dough once more.

Once you have done that, mix marinara sauce, more cheese and sausage and you are almost done. Use all the ingredients from the previous step add some more bacon, (you can never have too much bacon.)

And to finish this pizza inception, repeat the last step and add some pepperoni. It is a simple recipe, but demands some work, you will end up with approximately 10,000 calories of guilty pleasure. Summer won’t be here for a few months, so who cares.


This might not be the biggest Big Mac in the world, but I would not take it for granted.

Make your dough yourself, or use a store bought version if you are lazy. Add A LOT of ground beef and you will make a burger that could make a trucker pant and sweat.

Or at least watch the video and make up a cooking story for your friends. Either way, check it out.


Super simple just like sandwiches should be. Here you can see some great tips on making homemade sauce the easy and fast way. Or you can buy the sauce and say you made it, no one will know.

Don’t feel guilty if you do lie, I can guarantee that in some of the best restaurants, chefs go into the kitchen and bang their pots to make the illusion that their food is freshly made.

So bang your pots and remember how this recipe goes, just in case. Take some bacon, cheese sauce, curly fries, and buns; combine everything, and you are all set.

Featured Image via screenshot from YouTube video