Grandma Buys Hot Dogs, Her Sister Insists on Paying Her Back and It Leads to Hilarious Argument

Don’t you just love how hilarious grandmothers can get? Sometimes, just their actions can get super comedic in just one bat of an eye. Take these two sisters for example. Gee (Genevieve), 104, and Arlene, 99 are riding a car that is being driven by Gee’s daughter when the hilarious argument ensued.

You see, the two sisters have a golden rule to not let anybody pay anything for them. They vow to only use their own money if they have to buy something for themselves. However, before they rode the car, it seems that Arlene paid for the hotdogs they had. Of course, Gee won’t have any of it.


It started with Gee looking for money inside her purse. When she finally found it, she folded it and handed it behind her saying “Hey Arlene, take this,” But Arlene won’t back down either. She pretended not to know what the money is for. She asked Gee what it is for, Gee answered that she will tell her what it is for if she gets it.

Arlene refused to take it. At one point she even asked Gee’s daughter what the money is for, to which she got an answer that the daughter doesn’t know either. While she knew that Gee is paying her for the hotdogs earlier, she still pretended she didn’t know. Gee kept on persuading her, she even said that her hands are getting tired from holding the money.


And then it got heated. “Please take it! You went and got all the hot dogs,” Arlene replies, “So what? I don’t give a shit.” It got to a point that Arlene even threatened Gee that she won’t give her napkins anymore.

Gee’s daughter is so used to these kinds of “money fight” that she just lets them get at it. In fact, when it was time for her to get gas, she paid it herself. She wouldn’t want another money fight starting when this one hasn’t ended yet.

What can you say about this hilarious exchange from the sisters?

Featured image: YouTube