Meet the 92 Y.O. Instagram Grandma Who Is ‘Stealing Your Man Since 1928’

Have you ever looked at your Instagram feed and think of how beautiful and extravagant the influencers are? Sometimes we think that “Oh, they are young and at the peak of their lives that’s why they can do that. But that’s not always the case and this is what this rocking 92-year-old is showing us.

Meet Baddie Winkle or Helen Ruth van Winkle who rose to fame by stirring a storm and becoming an internet sensation in 2014. Not only is she an Instagram influencer that frequents 3 million IG feeds, but she also has her own Sephora beauty collection. And oh, did I mention that among those 3 million followers are Rihanna and Miley Cyrus? Wow!

Credit: Instagram

Before she rose to fame, Helen was just your typical grandma leading a normal life in Waco, Kentucky. She has a 6-acre farm, a nice garden, takes care of her great-grandchildren, and goes to church every Sunday. In April 2014, one of her great-grandkids took a photo of her in bleached shorts and a tie-dyed shirt.

They also created an Instagram account and posted the photo. When asked why the nickname, Helen said “I’m a bad b**ch; always been a rebel,” Helen, says. “So we decided ‘bad’ — ‘baddie.’ And then my last name was van Winkle so we put the Winkle on.” Her photo quickly became viral and the rest, as they say, is history.

Scroll down to see more of the posts of Baddie Winkle, the stylish granmama who has been “stealing your man since 1928.“

Sunny day? No problem for Baddie Winkle!

Don’t you just love how happy she looks?

Oh and the level of confidence that this woman has is contagious!

Let’s go for a jog! This is from the line of clothing that she endorses.

Date night? She’s a poppin’ ass b!tch, she always says.

How many birthday parties do you think she had?

This grandma doesn’t give any f*ucks. And people love her for her attitude.

Women empowering women, how cool can this get?

And yes, she can be an angel when she wants to.

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i’m an angel 💦😅

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At 92, she still got the hottest men.

Which one of these photos is your favorite?

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