Grumpy Wolf Dad Wants To Nap But Can’t Scare Off Adorable Cub with His Tough Guy Act

Anyone who’s babysat or raised kids knows that they have a special talent for interrupting a good nap. And it’s bad enough if they’re making a lot of noise somewhere in the house, but when they get the idea to mess with you while you’re trying to sleep…that’s the worst!

Kids just love poking fun at adults no matter the species, as we can see in the video below in which a persistent tiny wolf cub seems determined to get his grumpy dad to play with him. Of course, all poor dad wants to do is sleep and tries his best to scare the little guy off by baring his fangs and growling menacingly.

However, it’s clear his “tough guy act” isn’t working on the playful cub who proves cuteness can subdue even the meanest beasts.

See for yourself.

This poor dad just couldn’t catch a break, could he? Be sure to let your friends and family know about this adorable video. And as always, thanks for your support!