Hamster With Large Tumor Is Spending His Final Days Completing Adorable Bucket List Adventures!


I have disliked “bucket list” related things for over a decade now, thanks to that terrible Tim McGraw song. No one wants to ride a bull named Fu Man Chu, Tim! Basically, what I’m trying to say is Tim McGraw made me hate terminally ill people. He’s an evil man.

But I am happy to report the curse has been lifted, thanks to a super cute hamster named Robin Williams. The two-year-old longhaired Syrian hamster isn’t expected to live much longer. He has a large abdominal tumor that would be too risky to remove. His owner, Arden Kirby, has made it her mission to make Robin’s final days memorable.

Kirby has been taking Robin on a series of “bucket list” adventures, and she’s been snapping photos along the way to share on her Instagram account.


And while Robin’s outings might not be as exciting as Tim McGraw’s, they’re still pretty cool for a hamster. He’s visited PetSmart, crossed the Chicago river at sunset, ate lots of junk food, and snapped a selfie at the Art Institute.

Obviously, since the photos were posted to the internet, Kirby has received a few negative comments from people who believe they know best.

Some people believe she’s causing Robin more pain than pleasure.


But she told Us Weekly the following…

“We won’t have him outside for more than five minutes, and for the most part we just take him on little drives and snap a quick picture. He is still acting completely normal, going to the bathroom and also eating and drinking and is on medication.”

Hopefully Robin still has a few adventures left in him. He still needs to nibble on a Chicago hot dog and take a selfie at the Bean.

Robin is our world,” Kirby said.

And now he is everyone’s world. Take care, Robin!


Images via: Instagram