Harry Potter Fans Are Super Excited About a New Development

We all know that traveling is a bit far from possible nowadays. All because of the pandemic going on. So many travel restrictions, and we need to focus on staying home- one way to keep ourselves alive and others too. Today, the safest travel form is by reading. As they say, books take us to places. Different eras, kingdoms, generations even bring us to a fantasy land! Only by using your imagination as your ticket. One of the best-selling authors of all time, J.K. Rowling, got some good news for Harry Potter fans! Another Illustrated book will be out in no time! It is called Quidditch Through The Ages. Emilly Gravett illustrates it.

Not only that, a bigger surprise awaits the HP fans! There are 11 villages and towns across Ireland, and the United Kingdom are now honored to be Quidditch towns to spill the beans. It is all on Bloomsbury Publishing’s initiative. Such a big celebration for Harry Potter fans! A new book and bringing Quidditch to life is just so extra! The 11 towns will be given Quidditch teams served in a complete package- banners, the goal hoops with engraved team name and crest. Indeed fiction brought to life! Bloomsbury sets up local shops with unique themed activity packs. So, which villages are now all set to visit?

Today, towns such as Falmouth and Ballycastle were honored with the accolade, in Pendennis Castle and Ballycastle Beach respectively. The successful mayoral ceremony is observed with social distancing. And of course, Harry Potter young fans in the area are present- an event they shouldn’t miss. An 11-year old huge fan from Ballycastle is so grateful that her town is one of the chosen Quidditch locations. As a fan, Aine Franey dreams of playing Quidditch. Meanwhile, in Falmouth, the Town Mayor Councillor Steve Eva is so thankful that their town is one of the chosen locations.

Are you a die-hard HP fan from Ireland and UK? Well, you’ve got to check out in the Wizarding World Website if your town is one of the honored Quidditch towns. Feel and live the dream of every wizard!

Get ready to cast some spell for this once in a lifetime experience! Wingardium Leviosa, perhaps?