Here’s How This Family Finally Won the Lottery

Winning the lottery is like finding a needle in a haystack. With all the millions of people trying their luck to win, the chances of a person in actually winning are pretty slim. Despite that, though, a lot of people are still going out of their way to buy lottery tickets in the hopes that they might win.

Take this family from County Kilkenny in Ireland for example. They have been religiously betting on the lottery with the same number for 25 years before they finally struck the jackpot. The family won a whopping £4.9million with their family number. According to the dad of the family, he was in the queue in a shop when he saw a newspaper out of the corner of his eyes. In that paper are the winning numbers.

“I was queuing up in the shop when I spotted them out of the corner of my eye on the top of one of the newspapers.”

He didn’t need to go home and double-check. They have been using those numbers for 25 years. He knew at that moment that they finally snagged the jackpot. “We have been playing the exact same Lotto numbers for over 25 years so I could spot them from a mile off,” he told The Irish Times. He also added that right then and there, he knew that he is a millionaire. Finally, after a quarter of a century.



He rushed home to tell the family and as he blurted it out, they fell around the floor laughing. Who wouldn’t, right? After 25 years of using one set of numbers, they have finally hit the jackpot they have been eyeing. Coincidentally, this is also the 25th time that the jackpot has been won by a ticker from Kilkenny since the Lotto draw started in 1988.

The family that asked to be anonymous said that they will surely enjoy every penny of their life-changing winnings. “It really is life-changing for all of us and we are going to enjoy absolutely every penny of this win as a family.”