Hippo Lets Out World’s Biggest Fart, Hilariously Freaks Out a Bunch of Kids

Fart jokes never fail to make people laugh and giggle. For some reason, every human being seems to be all invested when it comes to these silent whispers or loud roars (it’s a gamble). In fact, a lot of books written were devoted to depicting the farts of the different creatures in the animal kingdom. And, they almost always sell. I kid you not! Guess a lot of people are indeed pretty interested in this one, don’t you think? But did you know that not every living creature farts?

Apparently, for one, our favorite lazy sloths don’t let out air through their butts. Parrots don’t fart too though they can sometimes mimic how humans do it. But these are stories for another day. The real star for today is the animal that perhaps won the title of the world’s most creative farter. It may not have the loudest or the messiest fart, but it has let out by far the most entertaining breaking wind we’ve seen! So, let me present to you the undeniable champion of them all: a helicopter fart by an oblivious hippo! Trust me, if farting’s an Olympic event for animals, this one will definitely snatch the gold medal.


Everyone was left fazed and unsure of what happened- kids and adults alike. This was followed by equal parts of grossed out whines and amused waves of laughter. The hilarious letting out of air is actually just a normal day for our hippos. Much like humans, the microbes inside their gut break down the foods and produce methane and carbon dioxide byproducts which result in the sweet release of the smelly wind.


Nice! Sure, these giant animals may look cute and interesting but you better keep in mind not to get too close when they start to lift their legs and wiggle their tails. Or, you know, you might be in the headline of my next post.

Anyway, go see for yourself this epic fart and watch the hilarious video below.

Feel free to watch it over and over again, there’s no judgment here. I mean, can you believe the amount of green stuff that went along with it? This hippo’s loud and proud, no doubt!