How Balloons Does It Take To Lift A Five-Pound Dog?

YouTube comedian Jenna Marbles is bored. So she decided to embark on a little project: how many balloons would it take to lift her dog Marble into the air? Two? Five? Twenty?? Check out this video to find out.

Don’t worry, all tests were performed with a 5-pound weight, and Marble himself was safely strapped in before taking flight. (Safety first!)

I did the math on this one, and I believe Jenna is probably using 16-inch balloons for this experiment. If you’re curious how many balloons it would take to lift something, check out this handy chart at It’s worth noting that this experiment would only have taken six balloons if she’d used 3-foot round latex ones, with a capacity of 15 cubic feet, and therefore a lift of 339 grams per balloon. However, since there are only so many 3-foot balloons you can fit in the back of a car at one time, it wouldn’t have necessarily reduced her number of trips to the party store.

Featured image via screenshot from YouTube video