Lakeland: The Land Before Time With This Massive Gator

Onlookers were shocked to see this massive gator crossing a trail in a country park in Lakeland, Florida last week.

The alligator was caught on camera by Kim Joiner among the brave hikers at Circle B Park. The giant reptile was estimated at a whopping 13-15 feet long!

Nearly as long as an SUV, the alligator was filmed sauntering from one marsh to another while shocking nearby onlookers.

Park regular Kristi Buckley was out for a morning walk with her husband were witness to this amazing creature and snapped a few photos in time.

“My husband and I are calling him Godzilla” – Kristi Buckley

This particular alligator has been spotted around Circle B Park for decades and is referred to by locals as “The Big Humpback” for his unusually tall and looming stature.

The trails on this protected expanse of land are a popular spot for hikers and photographers for the often rare and unusual sightseeing.

Kristi Buckley went on to tell local reporters:

“I probably should have been a little more afraid than I was, I was just so inspired to see this creature.”

Inspiring is right. The prehistoric looking creature is a callback to the days of dinosaurs, a time humans weren’t witness to – but caught a sneak peak last week with a visit from this massive reptile.

Featured Image via screenshot from YouTube video