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Life Pro Tips Everyone Should Commit To Memory

Let’s face it: life can be a b*tch. It can bring you up to the highest point you’ve ever felt before pulling you back down at lightening speed into the bowels of hell. If you have plans, it intentionally seeks to destroy those plans in the most bombastic ways necessary, and if you do chance to find your little pocket of glory and contentment, life will find a way of throwing the nastiest curve ball it can just to watch you dance on your feet in frustration.

Yes, life is one of those things we love to cherish as well as hate. Sometimes we feel like we’re failing, and sometimes we compare our life journey to others. If you’re anything like me, you sit at your computer and flip through Pinterest, shake your head and wonder how in the world you could possibly begin to make that easy do-it-yourself-tie-dye-home-renovation-organization-mason-jar project work.

However, the truth of the matter is that some people have simply mastered the skill of life better than us and have decided to bestow their little nuggets of wisdom upon the masses while taking in the pitiful states of our lives from high above on their royal pedestals.

Us plebeians should consider ourselves lucky.

And Your License Plate Number?

Image courtesy of Reddit.

No One Likes A Debbie Downer

Image courtesy of Reddit.

Calling All College Kids!

Image courtesy of Reddit.

Just Don’t Lose Your Key

Image courtesy of Reddit.

I Actually Haven’t Thought Of This…

Image courtesy of Reddit.

I See You, Person With 11 Morning Alarms

Image courtesy of Reddit.

Who Doesn’t Like Candy!?

Image courtesy of Reddit.

I Wish I Would’ve Known This At 16

Image courtesy of Reddit.

Advice From Someone Who’s Apparently Been There

Image courtesy of Reddit.

If I Ever Travel, I’ll Keep This In Mind

Image courtesy of Reddit.

Cures For Social Anxiety!

Image courtesy of Reddit.

Do you have any life pro tips you have learned over the years? Share them with us below!


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain.

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