Man Just Finishes Building a Dog Fence and Lets His Dog Out for a Test Run

Have you ever had the experience of putting your heart and soul (plus some blood, sweat, and tears) into a project only to quickly realize that all of your efforts were in vain? That’s probably happened to most of us, and for those of us who have resourceful and intelligent pets, it can happy quite a lot. For example, we have cats and we have a couple of issues that require us to keep two groups of cats completely separate. So some cats live in one half the house and other cats live in the other half of the house. One issue is that some of our younger cats bully our older and weaker cats. Also, we work out of a home office and some require a lot of, um, affection.

To minimize distractions and keep the peace between our two cat communities, we created a gate to separate one half of the house from the other half. There’s a door there, but we like to have the door open to have the “chi” flowing through the house. So my husband went and bought a baby gate. Problem solved, right? Not so much. Within a day, the smarter cats had figured out a way to get inside the gate either by jumping or slipping through the bars. It worked for about a day and before long, they were all just still coming in and out. My husband’s solution was to start adding stuff to the top. Now it looks a mess, but it does keep them out.


Joe Ballew is an American guy who is like many dog owners in that he loves his dog, Stella, and wants to keep her safe and in his yard. Some neighbors frown on dogs who leave their own yards, and there’s always the risk that they’ll get run over by a car or stolen. But never fear, because Joe had a solution in mind. He would just build a fence, no problem, right? Well…it didn’t quite work out that way. Joe didn’t take into account how tenacious Stella is. When he was done building the fence, Joe explained, with the pride evident in his voice, how happy he was with the job he did. “I just completed fixing this fence. I’m pretty proud of it, I have to say. I’m trying to keep Stella in the yard.”


Then Joe lets Stella out, and sure enough, Stella runs promptly straight to the corner of the yard, jumping over the fence easily. Sometimes animals are smarter than we are. I have to say, Stella, I totally admire you. You are one smart, beautiful beast of a girl.