Man Plays ‘I Got Your Nose’ Game with Adorable Cockatoo

Cockatoos are by far among the most popular pet birds in the world. Their flashy and outgoing personalities are more brilliant than even their gorgeous feathers. There are about 21 known cockatoo species, and they are all native to the Oceania region, which includes New Zealand, Australia, and New Guinea. These birds can also be found in the Solomon Islands and Indonesia.

Cockatoos also have a reputation for forming powerful bonds with their owners that can last a lifetime, earning them the nickname “velcro birds.” This bond is usually formed when they are handed as babies by their humans. Another thing that makes these birds pretty unique is how much they absolutely love being petted. In fact, experts say that cockatoo owners need to socialize with their pets at least two hours each day!

In this video, we see such an owner socializing with his adorable cockatoo named Onni. In the clip, he pretends to grab Onni’s nose, and the clever bird does everything he can to get it back! Once he gives it back, we see the adorable little feathered sweetheart move in for some quality cuddles. You can watch Onni playing “I Got Your Nose” in the cute video below.

Every time I show my wife one of these cockatoo videos, I have to spend at least 20 minutes talking her out of getting one. Although I must admit, these critters are so darned cute! Please be sure to share Onni’s adorable video with your friends and family.