McGhee Sextuplets Recreate Photo That Made Them Famous


Extremely large families seem to be a fascination nowadays. Kate Plus 8 and 19 Kids And Counting are just a couple of the countless stories told in reality television format that chronicle the lives of those who simply live in larger family dynamics.


But, the McGhee sextuplets caught our hearts and attentions for a very different reason.

A former drug addict and disowned child told their story that encompassed heart-wrenching tales of their past experiences as well as their trial of attempting to have children for well over a decade. After becoming discouraged and watching their dreams of a family sink to the bottom of the ocean floor, the McGhees finally decided to attempt fertility treatments.

I guess you could say they worked.

Here’s the adorable recreated photo of this amazing family.

Photo courtesy of Today/Janine and Brian Photography|Peters Photography

But, the best part of this entire story? The family is thriving, healthy, and happy.


And that is very unlike reality television format.

Watch their show, Growing Up McGhee, on Up.