Meet The New Breed Of Cat That Looks Like…A Werewolf?!

Image Via Oddity Central

Halloween may be behind us, but there’s a new breed of cat that brings that spooky spirit to life year round.

The cats, called Lykoi, have such wolf-like features that some have started referring to it as a “werewolf cat.” And looking at a picture of one, it’s hard to disagree.

Veterinarian Dr. Johnny Gobble says the Lykoi cats’ distinctive features stem from a natural mutation. They also lack an undercoat as well as hair around the eyes, nose and muzzle.“The first kittens, they looked like little hunting dogs running around on the carpet … I thought it was neat.”

Owning a Lykoi of your own will set you back a a tidy sum: the cats range in price from $1,500 for a blue to $2,500 for a black roan.

Still interested, then go to the waitlist and add your name.

Image Via Wikimedia