Mother Of Four Stunned By Her Boss’ ‘Holiday Miracle’

Ashley Henslee

Ashley Henslee is a mother of four children who struggles mightily to make ends meet. She brings her 2-month-old to work with her at a store in Kansas City because she cannot afford a sitter or daycare.

The holiday season is a time of cheer for most of us, but for Ashley–working in an area where she constantly sees people spending the season with their families–left her feeling more than bit depressed and even angry. She wouldn’t even have enough money to see her oldest son, who lives miles away from her:

“I was thinking nothing: no turkey, not going to get to see my son, absolutely bleak Christmas and Thanksgiving was ahead.

Ashley’s boss noticed her predicament and surprised her with an envelope filled with money and a letter of encouragement for her. Ashely recalls her reaction when she opened the envelope:

“Things like this don’t really happen to people like me that come from where they’ve come from. It’s like ‘Bam!’ Total game changer for the world, changed my perspective. I didn’t think there was kindness anymore to be quite honest.”

Though her boss told her the holiday miracle was no big deal, it meant the world to her. She was able to get her car fixed, pick up her son, and take him to the annual Christmas tree lighting:

He gets to go to school and tell all his friends, ‘Mommy got to take me to see Santa. Mommy got to take me to the Dinosaur restaurant.’ That’s what feels good as a mom, and it touched me. I wouldn’t have had this opportunity.

At this wonderful and magical time of the year, we would all do well to recall that it is indeed more blessed to give than to receive.