Oddly Addictive Miniature Cooking Videos

Have you ever clicked on a video and watched the whole thing in a complete state of confusion? Then the next one loads and it’s the same strange thing, and then before you know it you’re three hours deep into these hypnotizing videos.

Well, no need to look any further for your new video addiction. YouTuber Miniature Space has a channel that is completely dedicated to miniature cooking videos.

The food is not the only thing that’s mini in these videos. They have mini utensils, ovens, stoves, and dishes. You can see the entire process from start to finish. I am warning you now though you won’t be able to watch just one!

Take a look at some of my favorite videos below:

1. MiniFood Meat Roll

2. MiniFood Cheeseburger

3. MiniFood Sushi

4. Mini Food Spaghetti

5. MiniFood Chocolate Cake


Good luck getting out of this video rabbit hole, but when you do find your way out let me know what you think!

Featured Image via Youtube Screenshot