Owner Sends His Independent Dog to Fetch His Chick-Fil-A for Him

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so many restrictions and protocols have to be followed. Many establishments, especially restaurants, have to make so many changes and adjustments, like dine-in customers are allowed but a limited patrons-only per table for social distancing is mandatory. For some to continue doing business they have the curbside or parking pickup if they have no drive-through option.

Some restaurants found a new way to serve their customers the easiest and the fastest way. This is the curbside pick up where customers place their order through a mobile app, phone, or online options. Customers don’t need to go inside to pick up their orders they only have to wait from the parking lot or side street. In some instances, the crews deliver the food and put it directly to the trunk or the back seat of the car to avoid physical contact.

The Chick-fil-A restaurant in Carraway Village, Chapel Hill, North Carolina offers this curbside or parking lot order. What’s so amazing and to the crew’s surprise was when a golden retriever wearing an American flag around his neck came to pick up the order of the customer. When the crew found out that the dog was sent by the owner instead of picking it up himself, the crew was so amused that he took a video of this lovable dog that went viral.

Ellie the golden retriever just loves meeting the Team Member to get the delivery food and carry it back to her owner Nick who is waiting in the curbside space. This is his way of ensuring the distance protocol between him and the crew will be followed. Watch more of this adorable Ellie.

In just a few days her video garnered over 13,000 comments and 25,000 shares.