People Are Raving About This Heart-Shape-Nosed Adoptive K-9 Puppy

Meet Marshall, the newest member of the Ohio fire department that’ll surely snatch your heart! The adorable pooch is recently adopted by the Seville-Guilford Fire Department (SGFD) of the state to assist in fire prevention training. He will be living with 24-hour staffing crews in the firehouse and will be an active member of the brigade. And this little fella surely does a bright future ahead of him as he’s expected to soon become the fire service’s newest certified therapy K-9 and “serve the community to the best of his ability,” the fire department officials said.

But that’s not even the main reason why the internet is going crazy for him. Turns out, this soon-to-be hero has an unusual feature that can immediately melt anyone’s heart. The tiny Dalmatian has a unique mark that makes it seem like his snout is heart-shaped. It is too adorable! I bet even the strongest men won’t be able to resist his cuteness. I mean, I would even want him for myself! But the young pup still has a duty to fulfill that’s awaiting him. He is said to be arriving at the firehouse this October 4th and begin his training right away.

The puppy project is actually funded by the members of the said fire department who each contributed to its realization. This is in connection with the worldwide practice that we all probably approve- having canines as a member of different emergency services and more. Each dog would be undergoing meticulous and intense training and would be under the care of their allocated handlers. Once they’ve proved that they’re ready to serve, they’ll be given a certification and finally be on the field. As to this Dalmatian pup, he will surely be helping a lot of people soon and making the entire team smile even amid busy days.

Dogs truly are God’s gift to humans. I couldn’t imagine living without these man’s best friends!