Pepe le Pew Cat’s Love Won’t Be Denied Even As Owner Squirms Away

One of my favorite cartoons growing up was watching the Loony Toons character Pepe le Pew’s relentless pursuit of a black and white cat he thought was a skunk just like himself. While today, there’s a raging debate going on about this character’s behavior and cultural influence, many of us can still appreciate the intended humor the cartoons provided.

And one of the things that made Pepe le Pew’s cartoons so funny was the cat’s somewhat realistic reactions. Just about any cat owner knows just how our kitties can sometimes wish to avoid snuggling like the plague. For example, my wife’s favorite cat would often put his little paw in her face to prevent her from getting too close.

But, in this video, we sort of see a role reversal as it’s the cat who’s desperately trying to love on his human, and she’s behaving like an anti-social cat! The sheer determination this kitty displays while taking his little paw and pulling his human’s face toward him is something right out of a Pepe le Pew cartoon. Check it out in the video below.

Was that cat persistent or what? When cats want your attention, they really pour their heart and soul into getting it! Please be sure to show this to your friends and family and thanks again for supporting our content.