Phoenix ‘Karen’ Gets Slapped Across the Face After Racist Attack on Native American Woman

They say that dynamite comes in small packages, and that was certainly true recently when a racist white woman attacked a tiny Native American woman in a Shell gas station. She’s being called the “Phoenix Karen” and she really showed her true colors recently in a gas station in Phoenix, Arizona. This time, however, this racist “Karen” didn’t walk away scot-free. She got what many people are saying she deserved.

On Saturday, a middle-aged white woman stormed into the gas station demanding to be helped immediately at her pump because it wasn’t working. An argument started between Phoenix Karen and a younger woman who was being served at the checkout counter. You can’t hear it at first, but the man in the recording says that he heard the white woman tell the younger women to “go back to her country.”

Phoenix Karen slapped by Native American woman

Then, on camera, the Phoenix Karen tells the clerk to stop serving the younger woman and come help her. She then walks over to the man who’s filming and tells him to stop filming and leave because he’s not in this. She lies and says she’s the manager and demands that the clerk stop serving the younger woman.

Then Phoenix Karen makes her fatal mistake. Getting a little too bold (and really angry), the white woman goes up to the younger woman and grabs her, telling her to go back to Mexico. Then, she turns back to the young woman again and grabs her and the younger woman hauls off and slaps her across the face.

The white woman then turns around, seemingly shocked, and says, “Oh my God,” as she walks out of the store. What she probably is too ignorant to know is that the young Native American woman’s ancestors have been in this part of the world for thousands of years. DNA testing is proving that point these days.

We’re at a turning point in this country, it seems. People aren’t going to put up with this kind of treatment anymore. In the past, this “Karen” could have called the police and the younger woman would have probably been arrested. Now? The older woman is banned from Shell stations nationwide. Watch the shocking video below.

The fact is, people like Phoenix Karen aren’t going to be tolerated in this country anymore. It’s just that simple. Their reign of terror is over.