Proud Daughter Films Their Mom Killing It in a Parents’ Dance Number for School

I think we are always proud of whatever our moms do! Even if it’s the delicious meal that they cooked at home or the new promotion that they get in their job. We always admire what they do. They are our superhero, the real wonder woman of our life.

This is certainly what one kid feels when she sees her mother showing off its dance moves at the DDI dance convention last 2016. In the video uploaded by the user named Noelle Miner that already garnered five million views, just at the beginning of the clip, you can hear the loud squeals and cheers of people while the performers started to line up with their formation. Then, in the background, you can clearly hear someone pointing out where her mother is to the person taking the video.

momThe mom even quickly looked at her daughter, smile, and wave to the camera before the performance started. Even without the music, the cheers of the proud kids in the background are non-stop. Then, when the music started, the screams intensified ten times. Even with the quality of the video, you can see how happy and proud the kids surrounding the entire stadium. You can see the admiration in their eyes while watching their parents dance.

mom-dancingThe daughter who is taking the video was clearly proud of her mother’s moves, and it can be heard on her scream and cheers in the middle of the performance! Her mom, who is wearing a gray shirt with long red sleeves, certainly gives her all in the performance; it can be seen that she is having the time of her life. Watch the amazing dance moves of this girl’s mom below:

According to one of the video’s comments, the best part is seeing how proud the kid to her mother. And we couldn’t agree more.