Quadruple Amputee Dog Walks Again Thanks To Prosthetic Paws


The adorable dog you see in the photo above is named Brutus, and Brutus started out his life in a very unfortunate way: his former owners, who called themselves dog breeders, left him outside in the freezing cold long enough for him to become frostbitten on each of his limbs. But instead of taking him to a vet for medical care, the breeders decided to amputate all the tiny paws themselves, which left poor Brutus unable to walk or get around on his own.

Brutus’ foster mom Laura Aquilina set up a GoFundMe page to pay for the dog’s medical care, noting:

“He cannot run and play like all puppies want to do, he can barely walk. He has to be carried over any hard surfaces or up and down stairs.

Within months, hundreds of supporters who were touched by Brutus’s sad story had donated more than $12,000 for corrective surgery and new artificial limbs made especially for him. And Martin Kauffman, founder of OrthoPets, a company that specializes in animal prosthetics, refused to see Brutus as a hopeless case.

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OrthoPets created replacement paws that finally allowed Brutus to get back up on his all fours, and making him only the second quadruple amputee dog to ever be helped by these miraculous devices.

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And now, Brutus walks just fine! As you can see:


h/t and All Images: The Dodo