Amazing Replica Of Dorothy’s Iconic ‘Wizard Of Oz’ House Built With Scraps

Who among us can ever forget the scene of the house being lifted off the ground and destroyed in The Wizard of Oz? For generations, we’ve been entertained by  the classic movie.

In honor of the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, a group of artists in Maine created the unique Resisting Empathy: There’s No Place Like Home. From Farnsworth Museum:

Based on the 1900 book by Frank Baum, the movie’s opening segment in Kansas concluded with Dorothy’s house, having been lifted from earth by a tornado, plummeting to the ground in the land of Oz, inadvertently killing the wicked witch of the east. It is on view in the museum’s Homestead Garden.

The piece was created by Resisting Entropy, a group of artists who work collaboratively within a condensed time frame and shared space. Participating artists are presented with a large volume of discarded materials, and over 24 hours work and live together to transform the materials into unique and unpredictable artworks.

The project was undertaken in conjunction with the Farnsworth Art Museum exhibition The Wonderful World of Oz: Selections from the Willard Carroll/Tom Wilhite Collection now on view in the Crosman gallery.
Watch this video about the project:

RE2013 // No Place Like Home from jonathan laurence on Vimeo.

Featured image via Inhabitat