Rude Giraffe Steals An Ice Cream Treat (VIDEO)

Torsten Stroebl, his wife, and six year old son, were just out taking a peaceful drive through the Hodenhagen, Germany, drive through safari, Serengeti Park when one the giraffes decided their afternoon snack was too good to pass up.

The Stroebl family were enjoying an ice cream cone and petting the giraffe when one stuck his head in the car window and started licking their cones.

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After the giraffe had their fill, ultimately taking mom’s cone, the little Stroebl didn’t seem to mind the giraffe spit and proceeded to finish his ice cream.

That will teach them to take ice cream to the local animal park. The giraffe didn’t even thank them or apologize for the intrusion. So very rude.

Featured image via Zoo-Co.