Say What?! The Sixth Sense Has A Children’s Book Series!

“I didn’t do it!” Then the noose tightened.

Sounds kid-friendly, right? That’s a short excerpt from The Sixth Sense, Secrets From Beyond #3: Hangman. Yes, The Sixth Sense, one of the most iconic movies from the 1990s, has a children’s book series, despite being marketed for a more mature audience. If you’re a fan the Goosebumps series, this might be worth checking out, but this series is much creepier from what I’ve seen. Here are a few short summaries of the books (don’t worry, I won’t spoil the endings).


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As stated on the cover, Survivor is about a plane crash, which they describe in chilling detail. As you may remember, the main character of the original movie, Cole, can see dead people. Now he’s back, and his ghost-sensing powers come in handy. In this book, a girl who was in the plane crash is in a coma, and it’s up to Cole to help her, along with any of the other ghosts he comes across. The main gimmick of these books (much like the original movie) is that one of the main characters that Cole meets along the way has been dead the whole time – we just have to figure out who.


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Runaway deals with Cole’s friend, Jason, whose brother goes missing along with many other teenagers in the area. Cole wants to help, but he’s hesitant about revealing that he can see dead people. There’s also the fact that Jason’s brother is out there somewhere, and his life is in danger… That is, if he’s still alive.


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Legend has it that the property now owned by Cole’s school used to be occupied by a courtroom, a prison, and a gallows for executions (very kid-friendly!). On some occasions, innocent people were executed, and their souls now haunt the school. Of course, Cole gets caught up in this due to his ability to see the dead, and he now must clear the names of the innocent spirits. This is probably the most gruesome of the trilogy – it includes horrific descriptions of everything that happens.

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