Singer Pulls Woman From Crowd When He Sees Her Being Harrassed

Sexual harassment is an issue that pertains to all of us. Yes, our first message should be directed at the shameless offenders. However, we should not easily forget to place some blame on other people – the bystanders. It is also the responsibility of any witnesses of such deplorable acts to step in or get help in order to rescue the victim.

Hopefully, videos like the one below can inspire other people to act in these situations. This recent viral video involves Atif Aslam, a popular Pakistani singer who was performing at his concert. Suddenly, his eyes catch something in the front row audience and he stops the music. He immediately calls security and helps rescue a woman who was apparently being sexually harassed by getting her on the stage. One can also see that he then reprimands the person or people responsible for the incident. To learn more about the story please refer to the article by Mashable. 

Featured image by Alizaidi2002 via Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0