Skip The Restaurant! 3 Romantic Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Hitting your favorite restaurant for Valentine’s day may seem like a good idea, but it’s overdone and something you can do any other day of the year. Although there are mixed feelings out there about this particular day, there’s no reason you can’t take advantage and make it special. Skip the fancy restaurant and check out these three alternatives.

Take The Whole Day Off Together

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It’s common for people to call off work for birthday parties or weddings but hardly anyone thinks to take off on Valentine’s day. Unfortunately, not everyone has this luxury, but if you do you should go for it! Taking an unexpected day off to spend the whole day at home watching movies, eating good food, and just being together can make this day memorable for the both of you. Don’t tell anyone that you are going to be home, don’t make plans to go out, just enjoy a whole day together with no worries or concerns. Commit to it and you won’t regret it.

Scavenger Hunt With An Excellent Surprise

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This one might take a little planning but it will be worth it. Hide 14 small boxes with gifts around your house or neighborhood. These gifts can be anything from small chocolates, love notes, movie tickets, to a diamond ring — that part is all up to you. Give your significant other the first clue and stash the next one in the other boxes. This is something fun that you can do together. If the weather is nice you can enjoy a nice evening walk while searching for boxes.

Shower Your Love With Flowers

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Flowers are certainly more traditional, but there are ways that you can turn this possibly tired gift into a surprise. Send 11 roses to your significant other. On a small piece of paper tied to each rose, write a date and a plan of something you can do together. It doesn’t have to be huge it can something like meet up for lunch next week. Then on the last rose, write what your plans are for that night and hand deliver it. This will give you and your significant other something to look forward to.