Smart Husky Breaks Out Of Cage, Frees Other Dogs

A wily Siberian Husky recently made headlines when it broke out of its cage at a pet hospital in China, and then went on to free other dogs.

Cao Sheng, the pet hospital owner, told CGTN News he has never seen a dog open a cage in such a manner. He also said it is even hard for people to open as on this particular model there is a tiny mechanism that unlocks the door.

The video below, caught by CCTV footage, shows the adventurous husky breaking free from its prison using its teeth and going on to free two of its canine companions from their cages as well. The footage also showed that the rebel husky moved a cat’s cage, but did not attempt to free any of the cats on the premises.

The victories were short-lived, however, as the husky has since been placed into a new crate that is much stronger. Despite this outcome, the valiant husky should be proud of its daring escape, which will no doubt be remembered as one of the greatest in canine history!

Featured image by Przykuta, Wikimedia Commons