Son Creates a Documentary of Him Learning Piano in 10 Years in Time for His Dad’s Birthday

The world stopped when the pandemic hits humanity. The jobs, the economy, the offices, and businesses are put to a halt. We are all forced to stay home for months, keeping ourselves and family safe. For the first time, we are given days to bond with our family, build a strong spiritual relationship, and catch the dreams that are just sitting with us, hindered by life circumstances, like the now 30-year old lad who promised his dad to learn and play the jazz piano ten years ago. Olly Ginelli confessed to his dad when he was 17 that he would like to learn to play the jazz piano. His dad just laughs, probably thinking that young Olly isn’t too serious about it.

The idea sat with him, and so when he was 20, he bought a keyboard to start the project. At the time, he estimated that he’d finally learn to play the piano in a year. But life has other plans for the young man. He documented his journey from day 1, where he went off to a good start. Unfortunately, it quickly faded. Life brought Olly to different things before he finally learns to play the piano. In ten years, he graduated from school; he tried skateboarding, which he soon gave up. He found his passion in film making where he stayed up to present.

Fast forward to 2020, ten years after, Olly isn’t able yet to play the piano. Around February 2020, he finally gets serious about it as his dad’s 70th birthday is approaching. He shared that this big secret of him for ten years has been made unique by the pandemic, especially now that his dad and Nana needs to self-isolate for weeks. This small gesture means a lot to them. But Olly is still at a slow down, juggling work, staying fit, and keep a social life amidst these trying times. The big day comes, and he will be playing the surprise on BBC Breakfast.

Olly played he and his dad’s all-time fave song: Summertime. His dad is so proud of him even before he plays the piano. Playing it for his dad live via BBC online streaming makes it all the more special. Witness the remarkable day for the father and son in the video below.

10 years ago, this lad promised his dad he'd learn to play the piano for his birthday. This year he finally got to surprise him with it! 👏🎹

Posted by LADbible on Sunday, September 20, 2020

The pandemic transformed Olly into a whole new person by pushing through an old idea to surprise his dad with learning to play the jazz piano. Indeed, it isn’t too late to make new things or strike that dream of yours you’ve been yearning for too long.