12-Year-Old Boy Gives in to Crowd’s Demand, Plays Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’

It’s really not surprising to discover talents even in unexpected places; there are lots of talented people around that need only to be discovered. One astonishing talent was viewed and caught everybody’s attention. The wonder boy who played daringly in a busy, crowded St. Pancras International Train Station in London is a twelve-year-old boy, Cole Lam, a pianist, but note he is not only good in piano, he is also into other instruments. He played on the Yamaha piano donated by Elton John “Don’t Stop Me Now,” this requested song was actually an encore to the session of Elton and Queen songs.

“Don’t Stop Me Now” is a song by a British rock band Queen and is the 12th track from their album Jazz and was released as single in 1979, written by Freddie Mercury, the lead singer. This song was the 92nd song belted out by a dozen or more radiant and energetic contestants from the new season American Idol. It was even featured in some commercials only six months, and it’s not one of the band’s most sensation cuts but became one of the most in-demand songs in its dated era.

dont-stop-me-nowAnd according to Cole, this song is pure fun and energy, and he loves playing this. While performing, he even noticed the crowd that was watching him and said that a lady on the left side of the piano in a black was dancing and making sign language all throughout.

cole-lam-dont-stop-meYou can witness Cole’s amazing performance of “Don’t Stop Me Now” below:

Cole Lam, the 12-year-old wonder boy, also has already performed in front of royalties, in public places, and on TV. He was patronized by all types of people. Follow him on his Facebook page and his Twitter account and always remember to visit him on YouTube so you can check out all his other performances.