Young Cancer Patient Gets Surprise Hospital Performance By Plain White T’s Singer

This is going to hit you right in your feels. It is heartbreaking to see a hospitalized child who has cancer. Still, the patient in this story, 8-year-old Delilah, got the thrill of her life when Plain White T’s singer Tom Higgenson surprised her by playing her favorite song, ‘Hey There Delilah, ‘ right in her hospital room.

The band posted the video to their Instagram account, writing, “Delilah has been fighting cancer for over 4 years. During her cancer treatments, Delilah’s favorite song has been “Hey There Delilah,” so we surprised her with @higgypop and her favorite song ❤️.”

“I hear you’re a big fan of our song ‘Hey There Delilah,’ so I figured I would play it for you right now,” Higgenson said in a video that Isaiah Garza who’s known for making special moments happen showed her. Then the singer said he had a better idea. Higgenson walked into her room to play the song for Delilah.

Get a tissue first. You’re going to need it.


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“It’s crazy. I did not expect any of this,” he said about the viral video. Well, Delilah didn’t expect it, either.

Via Fox 11:

The band got a direct message on their Instagram page about meeting Delilah. He lives in Chicago and promised to make that happen the next time he was in Los Angeles. When the band was here last week to shoot a music video, he made time to surprise Delilah who is at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

How much Kleenex did you go through watching that video? I could watch it on a loop for an hour. Faith in humanity is restored!

Approximately 9,910 children in the United States under 15 will be diagnosed with cancer in 2023.

Featured image: Compilation via screen captures