Swedish Woman Creates Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles, Teaches You How to Do It

Hair braiding is attributed to the Himba People of Namibia. It is said that these people have been braiding their hair for 5000 thousand years. Today, with the rise of technology and innovation of fashion, the simple braid is not that simple anymore. In fact, there are literally thousands of ways to braid your hair. What’s good about this is that it is now easy to access tutorials on the internet.

Take Elvira Jonsson for example, a 26-year-old Swedish woman who has a whole Instagram account to show off her favorite braided hairstyles. The account has easy to follow video tutorials on how to create amazing braided hair like hers.

Here are 29 of her stunning works.

She uses small flowers.


Big ones are also an option.

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A floral hairdo πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸŒΈ

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She also likes using scarves.

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The scarf obsession is still going strong ✌🏻

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And ribbons.

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A simple half up, half down πŸ‘†πŸ»

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Her hairstyles look like she came straight from a Disney movie.

Wouldn’t you agree that her hairstyles look like something that Disney Princesses would wear?

She started her Instagram account in 2014.

She has garnered more than 40k followers for a hobby that she loved doing since high school.

When she started her Instagram, she said it was easy to come up with basic braids.

As her followers grew, she knew she has to come up with unique designs for them.

According to her, she enjoys being creative and coming up with stunning styles.

The only thing she doesn’t like is that her arms often hurt when she does her braids.

Her posts consist of one stunning cover photo.

Which is usually followed by a video of her on their porch doing her own braid.

She doesn’t only do braids, sometimes, she does lazy buns.

Don’t you just love how she makes it look effortless to be this beautiful?

She believes people loved her boho/fairy vibe on her account.

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Today's birthday hair πŸŽ€βœŒ

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This is why she said she pays close attention to her clothing as and vibe more than the style.

She used to have a blog but is now concentrating on her Instagram account.

She said she is thankful that what was once her hobby has become her part-time job.

Can you imagine getting paid by doing something you love?

I’m sure Elvira will not stop here.

I’m excited to see what else she can come up to.

This is proof that something this beautiful should be shared with the world to see.

Thank you this beautiful and talented lady for doing so.

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She said she loves how engaging her followers are. They are the reason she enjoys what she does.

Which one is your favorite?

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