Tail Talk: What Your Cat’s Tail Is Telling You

If you’re like me, then you love cats and you probably have one or two in your house. Unfortunately it can be quite difficult at times to know exactly how they feel. This handy little list will show just how your cat’s tail can display their mood.

Image by ECKSbloodECKS via DeviantArt

Wrapped Around Another Cat

When your cat’s tail is wrapped around the body or tail of another cat, you can kind of see this as a “arm-over-the-shoulder” hug. It sends signals of friendliness and companionship.

Swishing Tail

If your cat’s tail is slowly moving from side to side, then her/she is likely about to pounce. Usually cats display this motion when they are intensely focussed on an object.

Whipping Tail

This is a warning signal. If your cat’s tail is rapidly flicking from side to side, they are likely quite annoyed or agitated.

Image by cucuncu33 via DeviantArt

Puffed Up Tail

If your cat’s tail is very puffy (when it usually isn’t), then they clearly feel frightened or very agitated. They are trying to make themselves look bigger to ward off potential danger.

Tucked Away

If your cat has their tail tucked away underneath their body, then they are displaying submission. Something is making them feel threatened and scared.


A low hanging tail usually signals a very serious mood or aggression. Some breeds, like Persians, tend to have their tails low for no reason, but make sure that your cat is in a safe area just in case.

Question Mark Curve

Sometimes you might notice that your cat’s tail is curved like a question mark. Tis position usually indicates a very playful mood. Make sure to capitalize on your cat’s mood by playing with them a bit.

Straight up

Another positive position is when the tail is straight up. This usually conveys contentment and confidence. Also make sure to watch the tip of the tail. If you notice a rapid twitching, then your cat just experienced a particularly happy moment.

Image by Jasmiini via DeviantArt