The Dog That Went From Nada To Prada

Well not exactly Prada, but every single pet-friendly restaurant in L.A. and 204,000 Instagram followers, which sounds even better.

Three years ago, when Ivy and Dickson Diep found Popeye, he was wandering alone and underweight on the streets of L.A., but his luck turned around as soon as he arrived at his new home. The four-year-old mixed breed puppy is not only healthy and happy now with his loving family, but he recently became an Instagram superstar foodie.

@PopeyeTheFoodie Instagram

It all started when his mother, Ivy, took him for a lunch date with a friend and uploaded a photo of her amazingly cute and well-behaved pup. Soon he turned into a food connoisseur and has been brunching at the best restaurants of his hometown ever since! With adorable coordinated outfits and the most delicious food, Popeye poses for the camera so fans everywhere can track his gourmet adventures in California through his Instagram @PopeyeTheFoodie. Here are some of the most adorable ones:

Don’t worry; even though he is living everyone’s fairy tale on those culinary tours, he doesn’t get to eat all the “human food.”  We are so happy for him, although we can’t help but wonder if the Dieps would like to adopt us too.

All images via Instagram