The Museum That Just Opened in Denmark Will Definitely Make You Smile

If you think that the pandemic has gotten all the chances for the good stuff this year, fret not. Amid these trying times when the economy is unstable, amusement parks are closed, and life is put into a halt, there’s something good left. More beautiful, perhaps. Well, how about a Happiness Museum to keep your sadness at bay? While the happiest place on Earth, Disney Land, is forced to close its doors, another happy place opens. Denmark has opened its first-ever Happiness Museum. Ranked as one of the happiest countries globally, Denmark’s sending us a ray of sunshine in the middle of health challenges we are in.

The Happiness Museum results from a think tank research where it showcases activities and exhibits related to “happiness.” Its main objective is to give and show happiness from various perspectives. It opened on July 14, 2020, spreading hope as the pandemic goes on. The museum is a 240 square meter area. In an interview with the Happiness Institute Research CEO Meik Wiking, they focus on the political and societal change regarding the quality of life, happiness, and well-being of society. They also conduct studies about happier communities. The museum intends to make its visitors feel different perspectives on happiness. The exhibitions aim to make people wiser than ever.

In their first week, they welcomed a total of 222 visitors! That is a massive number for their opening week. Although the museum invites positivity and happiness, they know that they cannot sustain an enormous number of visitors each day. Hence, they encourage the practice of social distancing. The museum imposes strict policies- one of those is conducting one-way paths. They also limit the number of admission per day. That way, the safety and well-being of their visitors are protected.

Happiness- big or small is what the world needs right now. From the small acts of kindness to generous helping hands in these trying times, they are all appreciated and celebrated.

Now that we can’t go all at once in the Happiness Museum, we’ve got to create our happiness for a while. Perhaps, reading a good book or cook a sumptuous meal for the family?