The Winners Of The 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Will Crack You Up

The 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards debut this year, but from the look of these incredible photos, they seem guaranteed to become a yearly event that millions look forward to.

Created by wildlife photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks, these awards focus on the funny side of nature: the awkward poses and undignified faces that typically get passed over by more traditional publications.

But as you will quickly see, these are truly amazing, funny, and more than worthy of sharing with all of your Facebook friends.

En Garde!


“Stop it! I’m gonna pee myself!”


“Oh my gosh, there’s a big hippo over there!”


HIGHLY COMMENDED Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
Last Tango


“Dang it! Locked my keys in the car again!”


Kung Fu Squirrel


“Yeah, like you’ve never done it.”


“If it’s my wife, tell her you haven’t seen me.”


“I’m late again! The boss is gonna kill me!”