Their Lies Got These Folks OWNED On Social Media

It seems like some people broadcast every minute detail of their lives on social media these days. And, given the nature of social media, it’s only a matter of time before people’s lies come back to bite them.

Of course, the “calling them out” part can get pretty damn funny.

The moral behind the pictures below? Don’t post lies for the world to see.

Outside Magazine Regretted This Tweet

Screenshot via Twentytwowords

The magazine has since deleted that tweet – but not before they got trolled hard by the athlete they featured.

This One Went Down The Rabbit Hole Fast

Via boredpanda

Note to liars: Reverse image search is a powerful thing. (You’ll note that this is a recurring theme here.)

A Cry For Help?

Via boredpanda

Another recurring theme – the “via mobile” giveaway.

Not Just A Little, But A Latte Embarrassing

Via funnyjunk

Reverse image searches – exposing social media lies since … well … since social media began, pretty much.

And Then This Guy Who Didn’t Even Try

Via boredpanda

It’s like he wanted to get caught.

This One Is So Embarrassing It Hurts

Via boredpanda

I almost feel bad for this guy. Almost.

Double Trouble

Via Chive

This one probably lost a friend AND a job with this lie.

Something Is Missing Here …

Via boredpanda

He held on to his lie for dear life … until someone pointed out the most obvious flaw in a picture built on a mountain of flaws.

Egg Flip, Or Egg On His Face?

Via boredpanda

Reverse image search strikes again!

Seriously, Just Stop

Via ebaumsworld

Remember, folks – lie on social media, and you WILL be called on it.

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