Who Buys These Things? 17 Outfits You Won’t Believe Are Actually For Sale (VIDEO)

The internet is full of all sorts of oddities and fashion is no exception. Practically any item of clothing you want can be ordered, including a few you might not even know exist.

But that’s what we’re here for.

Behold 17 fashion horrors bound to give you a few chuckles. From clear pants to a coin purse that bites you when opened, these items prove that anyone can make money in fashion.

  1. Exposed Knees Jeans

If you’ve ever been walking around and wished everyone could see your knees through your jeans, then it’s time you hit up Nordstrom. While they will set you back $95, you really can’t put a price on high fashion.

2. Cowboy Boot Sandals

People who wear socks with sandals need to step aside. Introducing cowboy boots that are actually sandals. Giddy up, folks.

3. Detachable Jeans

Don’t you just hate it when you’re wearing baggy jeans and it suddenly gets hot? I mean, it’s not like you can check the weather ahead of time. These jeans are designed for those days when you wish you had put on Daisy Dukes instead of your Hammer pants.



4. Wearable Sleeping Bag

For when you’re searching for Bigfoot and suddenly need to take a nap.

5. Chest Hair Bathing Suit

Well, you’ll save money on body waxing.

6. Grass Flip Flops

Now you can simulate walking through grass in your bare feet while shopping. Well, astroturf.


7. Denim Boots

Be sure to pair these with some denim jeans and a denim vest.

8. Baby Snuggie

I’m kind of on the fence with this one. It’s an adorable way to make it look as though something is stemming from your body.

9. Skeleton Leggings

Good for Halloween, not grocery shopping.

10. Teeth Coin Purse

Well, maybe it’ll make you think twice about spending money.

11. Clear Pants

Pretty sure this violates some law.

12. Detachable Sweatpants

A modern day version of the Uggs with shorts look.

13. $425 ‘Muddy’ Jeans

For when you want to look rugged without doing manual labor.


14. Gucci Sock Sandals

Can you believe these retail for just under $2,000?

15. Sleeveless Hoodie

For when your head gets cold, but not your arms.

16. Furry Sandals

Ah, yes. Nothing says ‘summer’ quite like cooling flip flops covered in fur.


17. Muscle-Printed Leggings

Maybe wear these to the gym?

Watch this video for more outrageous clothing you can actually buy.

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Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter.

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