These Cats Can’t Handle Popcorn Machines (VIDEOS)

The internet has brought us millions of cat videos. The little four-legged creatures are known to be mischievous and have quite an attitude. If they don’t like something, it shows.

As displayed in these videos, they don’t like popcorn machines.

No Thanks

This poor little thing was mesmerized by the kernels going around and around in a circle. When they began to pop, however, things took a turn for the worse.

Source: YouTube 

What Is This Tomfoolery?

This cat is just as mesmerized, but sticks around a little bit longer. He sees the kernels popping and is ready for battle, pouncing back and forth while his owner films.

Source: YouTube 

Hypnotized By The Corn

Unlike the other cats, this one watches the corn popping on a stool away from the counter. While he jumps a few times, he appears to be too entranced to leave.

Source: YouTube 

Tougher Than Corn

This white and grey cat just calmly watches the kernels pop. In fact, he barely flinches as the corn fills the bowl. This is one tough kitty.

Source: YouTube

Out Of Here

This black cat has no patience for popping corn. So little, in fact, he doesn’t even last a full 30 seconds.

Source: YouTube 

Cats need to be entertained, too.

Feature Image: Screenshot Via YouTube