These Workout Pictures Will Make Your Routine Feel Wholly Inadequate

For those who exercise regularly and take pride in their fitness, pushing the limits with their bodies and their strengths comes with the territory.  Curiosity is deep-seeded within all of us, and wondering if someone can scale up to the roof of that apartment complex by simply hopping between walls is something we all ponder at one point.

However, for those who only watch people online exercise regularly, secretly wishing that they could somehow undo the entire medium pizza they just washed down with soda, the limits that people push can draw our attention from anywhere.  We want to know if they will succeed and cheer them on.  We want to know if they will fail so that we can laugh in the comfort of our own rooms.  We are innately curious.

Watching people push limits with their own bodies while creating filtered art pieces for the internet is something that has drawn out the inner Instafamous-craze in just about every regular gym goer this nation has to offer.  But, one thing is for certain: no matter what your fitness level, there is always that one picture that will make you feel awfully inadequate at the fitness finesse that you are attempting to achieve.

This post gives your four. Well, five, if you include that one up above (HOW ARE THEY DOING THAT??).

Who Needs A Fancy Gym? (via @crossfit)

No Yoga Mat Necessary (via @gypsetgoddess)

Honey, I Can’t Find A Bar (via @progressive_calisthenics)

And Last, But Most Certainly Not Least…I Can’t Watch (via YouTube)

There you have it.  Four glorious posts to make you gawk, hold your breath, and shake your head as you slowly begin to wonder how they got there, if this is normal, and whether or not you could attempt it yourself.

Just err on the side of caution.  No one likes a ripped groin muscle.

Featured image courtesy of Imgur