This 1964 Children’s Encyclopedia Creepily Predicted Google

You know how The Simpsons are really good at predicting the future? I love that eerie moment when predictions made a long time ago actually become true, especially when they come scarily close to the truth. 

The Simpsons had nothing to do with this forecast, actually; it was a children’s encyclopedia back in 1964 that talked about something called the “answer machine” of the future.

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Childcraft Volume 6: How Things Change, published by Field Enterprises Educational Corporation practically anticipated what we call Google nowadays with a machine where people could get answers on a screen when they asked questions on a keyboard. 

Here is what the piece said about it:

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Sounds familiar, huh?

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It also envisioned that the tool could demonstrate answers with video, audio, and pictures.

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I mean, they even predicted printers!

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Isn’t it mind-blowing how technology has gone beyond this prediction? By the way, when can we have that flying car everyone has been predicting for years? It’s about time! 

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