This 97 Year Old Granny Dancing with Her Granddaughter Will Make You Smile

Break a leg grandmama and make everyone proud. This was proven by a 97-year-old grandmother who, even in her golden years, has shown her slick movement in dancing. She is always full of life, and she always inspires her family and makes them proud every time she swings and sways her hips.

Alexis Taylor from Hunstville, Alabama, has always been close to her grandma that she grew up watching her keep her whit. She noticed that as she grew older, she becomes more energetic than most people, she can still sway her hips to the latest trend. She captured this on video when her eight-year-old daughter, Alaria, was dancing to “I’m Worth It” by Fifth Harmony, showing off her prowess in dancing. While her grandma amusedly watches her antics, someone shouted to “do her thang,” and in an instant, she started swaying her hips and shrugging her shoulders. And she is still steady on her feet in very steps even if she uses a cane to balance herself.

granddaughter-dance The whole family was so emotional, and they gave her a big cheer that encouraged her to do more swaying. This just proves that age is just a number, and just by watching makes all grannies feel young at heart. She really is “The Groovy Grandma.”

granny-danceThis just proves that life does not stop once you reach a prime age of 60, 70 or 80, feeling great and staying healthy at any age will make you cope with old age. Staying healthy means adapting to changes around you, discover new things that will make you happy. Being active socially and physically and connected to loved ones and friends.

Alexis’ video went viral that it got 1.7 million views on YouTube and more than 3 million on Facebook. Follow more of her videos to make you feel young at heart.