This Adorable Pit Bull Tip Toes Down The Hallway Because He Doesn’t Want To Disturb The Cat

We love videos that prove Pit Bulls aren’t the dangerous creatures most people want you to believe. The considerate five-year-old Pit Bull mix can be seen walking down the hallway very slowly.

Why? Because his cat foster sibling is sleeping behind the door, and he doesn’t want to disturb it.

Check out the priceless moment below…

This never gets old to us. Redd A1050531 MACC who was pulled of the list 9/23/15, who is adored by his foster parents cannot fathom why he isn't adopted yet. He is very afraid of the cat behind the door that the box is resting upon. Did you ever see a dog tip-toe?#pitbulltiptoe

Posted by Pound Hounds ResQ on Monday, May 23, 2016

Screengrab via: Facebook